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100+ Questions Based On Surveying along with Answers!

Most asked surveying questions in different exams and interviews

What Is Surveying?

The technique to determine the 3D position of points, including the distance and the angle between these points which may or may not be located on the surface of the earth i.e Can be located above or beneath the earth surface. The objective of the survey is to prepare the maps, plots, topography, and boundaries to establish the ownership of the land. These maps are then used in the designing, planning, and construction of any type of surface and communication network. The surveyor should have basic knowledge about the arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. High accuracy optical and electromechanical equipment including, Devices like GPS Global Positioning System Is used to obtain data from the satellites.

Here we are providing 100+ questions based on surveying.

100+ Questions Based On Surveying

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