Types Of Iron Reinforcement

Iron reinforcement has a property that is generally not found in concrete. The reinforcing iron is what will be able to provide strength in a construction to withstand the compressive force. Thus, the mixture of these two materials has a crucial or important role in any construction work to be carried out.

Before speaking more about the function of iron reinforcement, it would be better if we know in advance about the types of iron available. In general, there are two forms of iron used in construction activities. These are threaded iron and plain iron.

Plain iron usually has a round cross section on its surface. If held, this plain iron surface is slick and has no fins. This type of iron is usually rarely used in any construction activity. Even if used, usually this plain iron is only used to wrap spiral reinforcement or crosslink where a hook is given at the end of the column.

Meanwhile, threaded iron(screw) is one type of iron that has a long-shaped surface or transverse fin on the iron bar. This type of iron usually comes with a certain pattern and usually has a twisted rod shape. A threaded shape is chosen because of its function that can provide better bonding between concrete and reinforcement. In addition, usually threaded iron is also used in all types of construction activities. The function of the thread shape is to enlarge the adhesion and can withstand the movement of the stem. By understanding the characteristics and functions of plain iron and threaded(screw) iron, indirectly you can know the function of iron reinforcement.


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